{410} Gone

Posted on March 14, 2014

If you’ve reached this page, I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but the site you were looking for has passed.

Being a tinkerer, I start a lot of projects that never go anywhere and eventually they have to be put down. Its never easy, but its often necessary to make way for something new. Over the years I’ve accumulated a large number of domains that I’m hesitant to let go of in-case, you know, the project ever gets revived.

The page, or site you were looking for is gone. But it will be remembered below along with all the other projects that once were.

The Brothers Klaus


Brothers Klaus was, and in part still is, a project between my youngest brother Chadd and I. We had a short lived video game YouTube stint. You can still find the channel on YouTube, feel free to subscribe, but don’t expect any fresh content.



Dormlife.us is the first domain I ever purchased, and the first webiste I ever built (in my college days). I wish I still had content from the original site. It was all in ASP, as at the time I didn’t know PHP and is the only site I’ve ever built with ASP.