Posted on May 13, 2014

  • irontank

    Expanding Buildcraft tanks similarly to the way IronChests expanded vanilla chests. (4 watchers)

  • kira

    Music library manager for the completionist (0 watchers)

  • docker-templates

    (0 watchers)

  • api-blueprint

    API Blueprint (0 watchers)

  • kegbot-server

    Kegbot Server, the internet beer kegerator monitoring system. (0 watchers)

  • BuildCraft

    BuildCraft (0 watchers)

  • shields

    Shields badge specification, website and default API server (0 watchers)

  • conventional-changelog

    Generate a changelog from git metadata (0 watchers)

  • EnderStorage

    (0 watchers)

  • Schematica

    Import schematics, export schematics, build schematics. All inside Minecraft! (0 watchers)

  • McDiscord

    Minecraft mod to add discord support to servers. (0 watchers)

  • LogisticsPipes

    This is the SMP version with additional features for the minecraft modification Logistics Pipes. (0 watchers)

  • heroku-wp

    WordPress on Heroku (0 watchers)

  • pseudopower

    Automatically exported from (0 watchers)

  • cck-wow-toon

    Automatically exported from (0 watchers)

  • author-digest

    Automatically exported from (0 watchers)

  • drupal-dkp

    Automatically exported from (0 watchers)

  • indemnity83

    Automatically exported from (0 watchers)

  • propmanager

    Automatically exported from (0 watchers)

  • drupal-wowhead-filter

    Automatically exported from (0 watchers)

  • minecraft-mod-powerstone

    Automatically exported from (0 watchers)

  • MCmod

    A simple command line tool for packaging mods for distribution. (0 watchers)

  • kegboard

    Kegbot's Arduino Kegerator controller, ported to the particle ecosystem (0 watchers)

  • FridgeBot

    These are the design files and firmware for the FridgeBot temperature controller developed by Kyle Klaus. (0 watchers)

  • bakery

    A delicious CakePHP development environment. (1 watcher)

  • deprecated

    A collection of old code, check the branches for deprecated projects (0 watchers)

  • open-san

    (0 watchers)

  • app-template

    An empty 2.5 cakephp application template, for use with composer (0 watchers)

  • caffeinated

    A tool for tracking your daily intake of caffeine (0 watchers)

  • cakephp-aggregate-cache

    A Behavior plugin for CakePHP that extends the idea of counterCache and counterScope to more fields (0 watchers)

  • FridgeBot

    FridgeBot is an arduino powered fridge controller designed specifically with the needs of Beer brewers, cheese makers and kegerators owners. ( watchers)